What You Get

What You Get With Every Animation Project

  • A dedicated project manager that works with you through every step of the process until you’re satisfied with your finished video
  • Creative assistance and services that can include: style direction, scripting help, storyboarding, and more
  • Professionally recorded voiceover
  • 2 revisions after the initial draft to make sure you’re satisfied with the final result


Our Process

Our Animation Process

We’ve put together an efficient process that lets us maximize our resources while keeping you involved. 

1. Work with a project manager to figure out your project's style and scope.

2. Based on the animation style and video outline, we'll figure out a budget that works for you.

3. Your project manager will help hone a final script, then provide a storyboard that depicts the look of each scene.

4. We deliver your animated video and you'll have the opportunity to provide 2 rounds of notes.

Animation FAQ

Frequently Asked Animation Questions

Which animation style is right for me?

The main factors to consider are product, budget, and personal taste. Certain styles can be more effective for certain types of products and your project manager can help guide you to the best option for your company.

Do I have to write my own script?

Nobody knows your brand as well as you do, so we do ask for a preliminary script or at least an outline that lays out the major points for your video. From there, we’re work with you to perfect a final script.

How will I pay for my animated video?

Once we’re ready to move forward with design and storyboarding, we’ll send a rundown of all your project details along with a payable invoice for 50% of the budget. Once your video is finished, we’ll send another invoice for the remainder. These invoices can be paid conveniently via credit card.

Infographic video rely on icons, shapes, text, and creative storyboarding in order to tell a dynamic story. They’ve become a favorite for tech companies and videos based on stats, processes, and logistics.


By utilizing meticulous layouts and moving parts, this style works to explain concepts in an efficient, yet engaging fashion. This means more work is done on the pre-production and storyboarding process and the result is a sleek video that drives home your message.

This simple, but charming style has been an animation mainstay for over a decade. Whiteboard videos are used for a wide variety of products and services, and are the most affordable route. 


The lower price is due to the simple black and white line drawings that are the basis for this aesthetic. Typically there are a fewer number of scenes, with each one focusing on a broader concept or point, so the pre-production process tends to be less intensive.

Using characters, props, and settings makes for a whimsical, but practical way to tell your marketing story. This direction gives you the ability to depict a real-world situation using specific characters and environments.


There’s a bit more work involved to create a full world and unified look across scenes. This includes designing characters and assets along with movements and transitions that result in a cohesive, captivating video.

Our 3 main styles are the most popular, but there are plenty of other genres we work with. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, just get in touch!

Kinetic Text

3D Renders

Logo Animation