What We Offer

Our Editing Services


  • Your dedicated project manager helps guide your video, working to understand your brand, needs, budget, and so on. Together you’ll decide the best creative direction and technical specs.
  • This process often includes creating a proposal or outline that lays out the details and storyline.
  • We can also help by providing reference videos that can be used to determine your personal video tastes and preferences.


  • We edit your raw footage into a finished video product. Our diverse editing pool means we can work in any style or scope.
  • If you have footage from previous productions or even a collection of finished projects, we can dive into whatever you have available for a lower cost video.
  • Don’t have the budget for a full production? We can help you source stock footage or utilize things like photos, text graphics, branding materials, and more to produce a creative video solution.
  • Motion graphics are more popular today than ever. From the most basic text pop-ups to advanced transitions and effects, we leverage graphics to maximize engagement and add unique flair to our videos.

Specialized Tasks

  • Need something specific like audio mixing, color correcting, bumper creation, sound effects, or any other video related task? We have specialists to cover every need.

Our Process

Our Editing Process

We’ve put together an efficient process that lets us maximize our resources while keeping you involved. 

1. Work with a project manager to figure out your project's style, budget, and overall scope.

2. We tap into our community of vetted pros to find the right one for your project.

3. Your project manager stays with you and your project until you're satisfied.

Editing FAQ

Frequently Asked Editing Questions

How do you price editing projects?

There are a few major factors we consider when pricing out an editing project. The first is amount of raw footage and how well it’s organized. The more materials we have to sort through, the higher the price.


Next, length of the finished video. Obviously a 5 minute video is a bigger job than a 30 second one so we price them accordingly.


Lastly is overall complexity. Video editing comes in many shapes and sizes – a promo video with lots of creative graphics and complex cuts is going to be price higher than an interview.


Once we have a brief exchange about the style and scope of your project, we’ll quickly be able to work out a budget that fits your needs.


What if I don’t have any footage?

We can still help! We can create projects from existing assets, text graphics, photos, or stock media. We can even help you source stock that is affordable and fits your video goals.


Plus, we offer animation and production services so having footage is never a roadblock for creating video content.


How many revisions do I get?

Every project comes with at least 2 revisions. Depending on the magnitude of your changes, our project managers always work to deliver a video that meets your expectations.


What is the turnaround time?

Like pricing, it depends on the scope of the project. However, we’re usually able to turn around a first draft in 2-3 days for most of our editing projects.


How do I pay for my video?

Once we’ve settled on your budget, you’ll receive a project rundown laying out all the details of the work we’ll be doing along with an invoice payable via credit card.


Do you offer packages or volume discounts?

Yes! We’re always happy to discuss how we can give you the most bang for your buck and develop a long-term video relationship.

Need to cut to the chase? We’re experienced in crafting videos that show off your company and drive home your selling points.

We create videos that entertain viewers while representing your brand.

This includes event promos, recaps, or media elements to be used in person at your event.

We can help you put together a documentary or interview style video that tells a meaningful story.

You’ll find some additional genres below – but everything here only scratches the surface. Whatever your video needs, we can deliver.

Client Testimonial

Medical Practice

Music Video