What We Offer

Our Production Services


  • Your dedicated project manager helps guide your video, working to understand your brand, needs, budget, and so on. Together you’ll decide the best creative direction and technical specs.
  • This process often includes creating a proposal or outline that lays out the details and storyline.
  • Pre-production also encompasses the planning of the shoot location, required equipment, and production crew.

The Shoot

  • Depending on the nature and scope of your project, your crew can range from a single videographer to a larger staff covering many areas of expertise. We can tap experienced directors, cinematographers, gaffers, makeup artists, audio recordists, and more to achieve the production value you’re looking for.
  • On the day of the shoot, we’ll serve as the producer making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be and that things run smoothly.


  • After the shoot, we’ll organize the footage and work to deliver a finished product. Check out our editing page to learn more about our post-production capabilities and process.
  • When we’re covering the full production from start to finish, editing cost is normally decreased.

Our Process

Our Production Process

Video production is complicated – but our streamlined process and experienced pros makes it feel simple.

1. Work with a project manager to determine your video's scope and production needs.

2. We tap into our community of vetted pros to assemble the right production staff.

3. We'll handle the logistics and see your production through to the end.

Production FAQ

Frequently Asked Production Questions

Does production include editing?
Most of our production clients do want the full package all the way to a finished video. Plus, if we’re the ones doing the pre-production and planning, it’s easy for us to bundle the post-production into the budget at a lesser rate. Check out our editing page to learn more about our post-production capabilities.


Do you shoot in my city?
We have production partners in many of the larger cities in the US and we’re always expanding our capabilities. Get in touch to learn more and see how we can assist with your local needs.


How will I pay for my production?
Once the production details are in place and the shoot is scheduled, we’ll send a rundown showing everything involved with your project along with a payable invoice for 50% of the overall budget. When the project is complete, we’ll send an additional invoice for the remainder. These invoices can be conveniently payed via credit card.


How do you price production?
The big factor here is number of people and number of days. Depending on your location and the scope of your project, we’ll put together a crew and work to fit your budget and needs.