The Best Tip for Jump-Starting Your Video Marketing

The Best Tip for Jump-Starting Your Video Marketing

Throughout the feverish rise of the internet, the medium of choice for decimating thoughts and information has been blogging. It’s easy to see why: all of us are taught how to write in school and text is by far the most straightforward thing to publish.

However, the blog world has become incredibly saturated. By many estimates, over 2 million blog posts are published a day! This means A) we’re honored that you’re reading this one and B) it’s increasingly difficult to cut through the noise.

Video, on the other hand, comes with some major built in advantages. While every blog post is made up of the same 26 letters, there is an infinite number of images you can put into a video to make it unique. Even just a person’s face is enough to put your own stamp on your content.

Video also lets you combine people, imagery, text, illustrations, speech, music, and any other visual or audio element you can think of into one experience. It’s truly an unparalleled medium.

So what’s the downside? Video is difficult and often expensive to produce, especially when compared to blogging. It takes equipment, experience, and time, which not everyone has. On the other hand, the tools are getting more and more accessible while many of us have been working to develop the video skills and knowledge necessary to keep up with the trends.

The looming question for many is: how do I get started producing my own video content and building a video brand? Here’s where our top tip for launching a video presence comes into play: JUST START SHOOTING.

Break out your phone, webcam, GoPro, DSLR, whatever you have, and start filming. Talk about something important to you or your brand, show off something interesting you saw or experienced, anything that catches your eye. The key is, go into it knowing that you’re probably not going to post the first thing you shoot. In fact, it might take some time before there’s something that you’re really happy with.

But by getting into a habit of shooting, each little production will get easier and the process will start to feel more natural. As you build up some raw footage, you will begin to understand what looks good, what doesn’t, and what type of content is most effective.

You can also start evaluating how you would bring in additional resources to up your production value. Maybe it’s a better mic or maybe it’s hiring an editor/designer to add graphics and more visual flair. Whatever it is, a huge mistake is to wait until you’re under pressure and start making decisions about a process that hasn’t even begun yet.

We partially hope that you’re not reading anymore because you’ve already grabbed a camera to start filming. Only you can create the content that’s perfect for your brand and identity. The first step is to hit record!

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