The Future of Media: We’re Creating Interactive Videos

The Future of Media: We’re Creating Interactive Videos


Watching a video used to be a passive experience. But those days are behind us.

Gravity.Video is excited to announce our new partnership with Spotful – a platform that allows us to create interactive video content. These videos contain clickable hotspots that serve to add extra context, calls to action, and other integrations that take your video to the next level.

These hotspots can activate images, sign-up forms, social feeds, other videos, even a full website right inside of the video without ever leaving the player window.

Here’s an example of an interactive video – try clicking the hotspots!

Pretty cool, right? The videos created using Spotful’s platform thus far have only scratched the surface of possibilities, which is why we’re so excited to take advantage of this technology in order to produce some truly special video content.

Interactive video joins Gravity.Video’s existing editing, animation, motion graphics, and production services – letting us do more with video than ever before. We can work the technology into the content as we create it, or you can come to us with a completed video and we’ll transform it with interactivity.

Some videos require only a few simple hotspots, but we’re most excited about unleashing our imaginations in this new world of video creation possibilities. Knowing that a video will be interactive from the start will let us plan out the shots, animations, and pacing in order to leave space for the hotspots and integrated elements.

We’re now producing content that combines the best that creative video has to offer with the latest interactive technology resulting in a brand new multimedia experience.

Perhaps the best part of the equation is the comprehensive dashboard. This analytics panel will let you know exactly how well your video is performing and how viewers are interacting with your hotspots.


Ready to get interactive? Email us at to get in touch with a project manager and get started!



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